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    Miles monofloraux et gelée royale Bio

    Carefully selected by Xavier Rennotte Hydromelier and beekeeperthese honeys of Bio exception are put into vials throw from the Herbalism of Valmont in the honey House of the latter. His 12 years amateur beekeeper

    , Xavier began a professional career in a promising sector for one day all plating and devote himself to his passion full time. It is part of the Walloon beekeepers group

    living from their craft. They are 2. Xavier has actually two trades. It is beekeeper and manages several colonies of bees

    in Brussels and Wallonia. He sells his honey

    under two headings"City honey'and'Honey campaign". It is usually impossible to have because at the moment demand blithely exceeds supply. Knowing that in Belgium 75% honey consumed is produced outside the European Union, why is there not more thanbeekeepers Belgian and why the beekeepers remain under amateur status? First, there is the cost. Honeys imported (from China and India) are bought € 1.29/kg. That is cheaper than the cost of production of honey local. Then, the climatic conditions that make random volumes produced. After the collapse of bee colonies European strains which have not yet found the explanation but who, since 2000, is responsible for mortality of bees that locally could reach 90% of the colonies. Finally, the impossibility to apply with us recognized labels (bio, AOC, etc) which would better enhance the honeys premises and above all, to be competitive with honey imported. It is on this table that Xavier decided to position itself. In addition to its local honeyIt also produces honey bio MBnofloraux in partnership with Italian, Greek and french beekeepers. European legislation imposing a 3 kilometre radius of crops labeled organic to be able to label the honeys, around the hives, it is virtually impossible to produce in Wallonia. This remains local compared to the organic honeys of the big surfaces that come mainly from China and the Brazil. This is what lies behind the phrase "EU and non EU honeys" shown on all these pots.Result, Xavier arrives to offer organic and monofloral honeys, i.e. mainly come from a single type of flower (lemon or thyme or carrots wild or lavender) while our local honeys are almost exclusively "all flowers" (rapeseed, Brambles, clover, etc.). The particularity of Xavier is to have invested in a fully equipped ultra honey enabling it put potted his honey in optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and conveniently control the phase of crystallization. This results in a striking smoothness and stability of incredible conservation honeys


     Finally, Xavier developed a paste spreads Bio exceptional, creamy and without songs "Honey and hazelnuts"a real treat for the whole family, far away from what our children have usually put on their toast... We love it! Click here to see the report !

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Showing 1 - 32 of 62 items